AC Repair: DIY Vs. Calling A Pro


Your air conditioner is an important appliance in your home and should be properly taken care of. While DIY projects can be beneficial and efficient, we recommend leaving the complex AC repairs to the experts at Envirotemp. Homeowners are encouraged to do tasks that help their air conditioner function properly, but not attempt to fix a broken unit. In this article, we will explain the importance of calling an AC professional rather than fixing your air conditioner yourself.


Air conditioning repair can be a complicated process. Most repairs require certain tools that most do not keep in their tool box, along with knowledge only trained professionals hold. Below are 5 reasons you should call a professional.

  • Safety
  • Reducing Efficiency
  • Creating Bigger Problems
  • Warranty
  • Equipment
Without a trained eye, attempting to repair your unit can do more harm than good and possibly create more repairs. Some repairs deal with electric wiring and can risk safety if not handled properly. We don't expect you to be the expert, that is what we are here for!


To ensure you don't do more damage, it is important to know which tasks you can do yourself. Below we have listed a few maintenance tips homeowners can do to help your air conditioner perform efficiently and prevent repair!

Regularly Change Air Filters

Your air filter can determine how your system functions and could be the source of many problems. It is important to change your air filters every 3 months to keep your air conditioner running efficiently and effectively.

Keep A Clean Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit endures the weather and can build up debris. Debris such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, and trash can accumulate on your air conditioner and harm efficiency and airflow. We recommend checking the status of your outdoor unit weekly to ensure its health and performance.

Ensure Good Air Flow

The air vents in your home should remain open and unblocked for better airflow and efficiency. Blocked or closed vents can cause air leaks in your ducts from the built up pressure, resulting in high energy bills and possible repair.


Certain AC repairs should be handled by a professional to ensure your safety and protect your air conditioner. Rather than attempting to identify and fix the problem, below are signs you should call a professional.

Unusual Noises

It is normal for your air conditioner to make noises from time to time, but not constantly. Unusual noises can indicate your air conditioner needs repair soon. Below are 3 noises to pay attention to:

Banging/Clanking: This typically indicates there is a loose part, which could cause more damage if ignored.
Buzzing: Buzzing means there is a malfunction within your system, such as the compressor or condenser fan.
Squealing: If your unit is squealing, it may be an issue with your blower fan.

Warm Air

Warm air blowing from your air conditioner is just about as uncomfortable as no air. A common cause to an AC unit blowing warm air is low refrigerant, which is a toxic fluid. Refrigerant poisoning can lead to difficulty breathing, headaches, and other problems. For your safety, call a professional rather than attempting to repair a refrigerant leak.

Insufficient Airflow

If your air conditioner is not adequately cooling your home, it could mean a variety of repairs. Your AC unit is likely working overtime to meet the cooling needs of your home, which raises utility bills. Rather than finding the source yourself, we can quickly identify the issue and restore airflow!

For all air conditioning repairs and maintenance, we recommend calling one of our trained technicians to help resolve your issue. Repairing your AC unit yourself can lead to more issues and risk your safety. We are here for you and are not comfortable until you are!